All the beautiful daughters of Mara By Ashok Aatreya

All the beautiful daughters of Mara By Ashok Aatreya

All the beautiful daughters of Mara By Ashok Aatreya

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A novel written by Ashok atreya is an attempt of embodying the para-psychological, ethereal and day-to-day experiences of the hero. The Key to this novel is very clearly explained in the 54th chapter with the same title ” All the beautiful Daughters of Mara”, in which Anand, the hero, tells us the story of his previous births, where he visualizes the past and present where his unfulfilled desire for eternal love accentuates with unending lust for life, get freely expressed.

The myth of “All the beautiful Daughters of Mara” existing parallel to his own span of life, of which only present is visible and the rest of the episodes in his previous births, Anand experiences as and when he encounters them.

The overall development of this novel could only be examined with the help of a “Tantrik-based parody”, where not only the sequence of Janma-Janmantra is added for an additional fervor, exposing the hero’s passion and lust through and through but also his predicament of being a helpless victim in the hands of mystic destiny.
The author has picked up an apparently mystic theme. Unconsciously, as he has inherited the tradition of religion, Indian mythology and Tantra from his ancestors, but the beauty of the work lies in the fact of a secular approach to life omitting the bondages of caste and creed. In this background, this work of fiction becomes para-modern!

The libidinal instinct of Anand in his present and previous births, attaches with himself a number of voluptuous women belonging to various ethnic backgrounds. Tantra, as a distinctive sect of Hindu worship tradition, has very significant role of “Panch-Makars” and, therefore, the Omni-presence of women around the hero is the internal necessity of the theme, which results into many neo-vam-margi experience. This is, thus, a novel-departure in the field of contemporary Indian English writing.
The novelist has very aptly casted valid comment on the degeneration of present political scenario by elevating the police -shooter, an encounter-specialist to the supreme office of the President. (this is just like The then President of Pakistan General Parvez Musharraf (Who started his career as an ordinary military commando) These are not mere fiction fantasies but all around us, we find such absurdities taking shape !

The sub-titles attributed to 58 chapters lucidly establish the internal consistency of unbelievable episodes full of love, lust and crime, tied with an unseen threads of births and rebirths.
Naturally such a theme has interminable prospective of constructing stories -interesting and unending, of which Ashok Aatreya, as a fiction writer, has all the potential.

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