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The Dreamer By J.M.Hurley

The Dreamer "Where dreams become reality, and reality becomes dangerous" By: J.M.Hurley

Download/Read online   Summer Charard has started her Junior Year of High school and her biggest wish is to have a fun, care-free, popular life. But on her first day back she meets someone who changes her life, Zane VanLouge. Zane’s mysterious in a way that fascinates her but the more she gets to know him, the more she see’s ... Read More »

All Things Great By Carr

All Things Great By: * Carr

Download/Read online   What changes when you meet an old man with a hot son? Everything Sara is a 19-yrs-old with no job, no money and an apartment she’s about to lose but that all changes when she goes for a job at a restaurant… Read More »

Indiscretions Wrong But So By Morgan

Indiscretions Wrong But So Right By: By: Morgan:)

Download/Read online <script type=”te Info: They didn’t see it coming. Who would have ever thought of it? As their eyes met, they knew something was wrong. She was overtaken by his well built, tall, rough body. He was overtaken by her innocent but strong personality. She grew more feelings for him, but does he feel the same way? He gives ... Read More »