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Burning Love | free ebook download

Burning Love. Book One of The Fire Of Love series. By: Emily Zimmerman.

Download/Read more   <script type=”te Skylar grey. twenty five years old, Blonde hair, blue eyes, and absolutely beautiful. After moving back to her home town of Sabadell, trying to escape from her violent Ex-husband, her apartment is burned down and she has no place to live . Daniel Rodney Havens. Twenty eight years old, dark brown hair,and chocolate brown eyes. ... Read More »

Kolams a Tamil culture By Kalai Selvi Arivalagan

Kolams a Tamil culture By: Kalai Selvi Arivalagan

  Download/Read more   <script type=”te Kolam is the best way to express your love for your loved ones. From ancient times, Tamil women poetically expressed their minds through drawing kolams at the door step. The creative minds reflect the patterns of kolam drawn with ease.  Kolams benefit both the person who draws them and the people living at home ... Read More »

Young Marriage By Nikki Plotner

Young Marriage "Forced marriage might be the best" By: Nikki Plotner

Download/Read more   <script type=”te Young Marriage Forced marriage might be the best By Nikki Plotner Miranda was just an ordinary girl, and then one day was forced to marry a guy she never met before. Will the outcome be good or not. What will happen between them. Read More »

Rape By Crystall Bws

Rape By: Crystall Bws

    <script type=”te Download/Read more Sam is a bright girl which came from a family of a rich businessman. She had a happy life but one day that all changed. She was tied while 4 men brutally beat her up and raped her. The men had said that her and her pussy is their property and this is her ... Read More »

FREEDOM TO LOVE By carole mortimer

FREEDOM TO LOVE By: carole mortimer

  <script type=”te Download/Read more Young katy decides to go on holiday with her sister where she meets the famous photographer Adam Wild. She has no idea what Adam was going to do when she turns up at his camper…what happens? Read More »

Changed For Who By Missy

Changed For Who By: Missy

Download/Read more <script type=”te Ty doesn’t get along with girls, and she never has. Her only friends she ever really has have was her older brother Clay, and his five other friends. Ty is going to be a freshman in high school, and her brother and his friends are Junior’s and they always tease her about how she is such ... Read More »

Calypso By S. G. Ricketts free ebook download

Calypso By: S. G. Ricketts

Download/read more The world is not what it seems. Millions of lightyears away from her home planet, Kira is the sole survivor of the Earth colony on Calypso. Trapped on the exotic rain forest planet, Kira is surrounded by natives who want her dead and watched by the organization that sent her there. Without warning, Kira is thrown into a ... Read More »