English romance ebook

Ana By Seery Awbrey

Ana By Seery Awbrey

Download/Read online   Ana is a sweet, beautiful, and smart girl. All her life she was emotionally abused. She grew up with a broken family. She never saw it coming when Xavier came into her life and completely changed it. Xavier had it all money, power and he was next in line to be pack alpha. One small problem though. ... Read More »

The Queen Of The Dogs By A.C.

Download/Read online   After Jessica’s father’s recent funeral, Jessica notices a few men following her in a car. Once Jessica confronts them, they bring her to their leader, the Alpha Male. They reveal themselves as her body guards that her father claimed to have requested. Jessica will soon find out the truth about them and find out why the leader ... Read More »

I Love My Bestfriend?! Uh-oh I By Alyza

I Love My Bestfriend?! Uh-oh I He's My Bestfriend We Do Everything Together By: Alyza

Download/Read online   Kaitlyn (Katie) Thompson has loved Logan Carter since she knew what love was. They have been best friends since they were born. She loves him but she doesn’t think he loves her back. Will she ever admit it to him or let him go? Logan (Logy) Carter is know as a notorious man-whore. He doesn’t like being ... Read More »

High School Bad Boys By Katy Wong

High School Bad Boys By Katy Wong

When Candice got a letter from Fortman High School For Excellence saying she got accepted for her junior year, she was exhilarated. Than right after, Candice received a house of her very own!! She felt like God was blessing her, Candice thought that life can’t get any better, but her dream ended shortly when Candice got her first detention on ... Read More »

In my Daughters Interest By katcas77

In my Daughters Interest By katcas77

“I have no more patience left where you’re concerned. Let’s just get one thing clear; I don’t need you here.I don’t need seeing your face. If it wasn’t for Christina, you won’t be here.” The man’s words were like poison. “From the moment I hired you, you’ve been more of a liability than an asset, but for some unforeseen reason, ... Read More »

The Rogue White Panther Series: Book 1 By I. N. Demiree Brown

The Rogue By I. N. Demiree Brown

Electra had run away from home two weeks ago. She did it because she was raped by her stepfather and two of his friends. When she told her mom, her mom just looked at the three men and said, “Why couldn’t you have waited another year?” Her father had shrugged and said, “It’s tradition to rape the daughter or stepdaughter ... Read More »

My Unwanted Return By Kathlene Poplin (kmkp13)

My Unwanted Return By Kathlene Poplin

Faith, a self conscious, disappointment of a wolf finally had enough when her own mate rejected her. She left and made her own pack, one of the strongest packs in the world. She became more confident, a total smart-ass, and really pretty. She vowed to never go back, but what happens when she has to? What will people say to ... Read More »