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The Sandtrooper’s Story By D. Ward Jones

The Sandtrooper's Story By: D. Ward Jones

Download/Read online Amidst the ranks of Imperial Stormtroopers there are numerous divisions of troops specialized and adapted to varying environments and locale. Few of these assignments are as grueling as that of the Sandtrooper. Scattered across countless desert worlds, they live, work and die in places most people would rather forget. Most are Imperial law enforcement officers assigned to keep ... Read More »

The summoning By Kelley armstrong

The summoning By: Kelley armstrong

 Download /Read online   Chloe saunders used to have a relatively normal life. But now she finds herself in the middle of some really strange situations: -She suddenly starts seeing dead people. -She gets locked up in a group home for unstable teens. -The group home isn’t what it seems…. Read More »

Masked Love By Victoria Benson

Masked Love By: Victoria Benson

 Download/Read online Every continent has adapted to the 21st century except Europe whose has held onto her old values and ways, including the tradition of the Masked Love. The time has come for the requiring of one hundred girls from all over the world for the annual Masked Love, where Prince Jacques will determine who is to be his wife. ... Read More »

My Sexy Alpha Bad Boy By Darlene Gibbs

My Sexy Alpha Bad Boy Werewolf romance By: Darlene Gibbs

                                    Download/ Read online     There exist among us two worlds; the human world and the animal world and they both live by totally different rules. Tessa Campbell is a young werewolf who has chosen to live her life by human rules, ... Read More »

Wine Porn By Ruby Marsannay

Wine Porn By: Ruby Marsannay

    Download/Read online   These were three provocative “drabbles” (text of 100 words or less) that were submitted for the BookRix drabble contest back in 2010. The entry won second place based on votes from readers and the Bookrix jury. The author has since continued her studies in wine, and is currently in the process of completing her Diploma ... Read More »

The Wicked Beasts That Roam By A.L. Eden

A.L. Eden The Wicked Beasts That Roam

Download/Read online   In Hell, Damian—a demon mutt—had been put through torture at the hands of his father. Four-thousand years later, he’s moved up to the mortal world, but is still wracked with the incessant memories of pain. Hardened by his past, he is cold, ruthless, and has grown a knack for killing every vampire in sight as a way ... Read More »